• NEW PATTERN: Making Comfort Shawl

    My Making Comfort Shawl pattern is LIVE!
    This design is part of a collaboration with the wonderful yarn shop Wool And Honey. When owners, Melissa and Liz, asked me to be a part of their Making Comfort & Joy Series I jumped at the chance!

    What's extra special about this collaboration is it is all from Michigan Makers…

    The yarn comes from a Michigan sheep farmer, sheared by a Michigan shearer, milled at a Michigan Mill (Zeilinger Wool Co), designed by a Michigan designer (me!), and kits are sold at a Michigan yarn shop (Wool And Honey).
    The Making Comfort Shawl is a classic top-down, triangular shawl. Rows and rows of garter stitch are broken up with a simple, easy to memorize, chunky textural stitch. The shawl is finished off with an elegant ribbed border. Knit up in an absolutely stunning and buttery soft lamb Rambouillet, this project is just the comfort every knitter needs and loves— a comfort to knit, and a comfort to wear!
    To celebrate this release, now through Sunday, January 31, 2021, get 15% OFF the pattern with code

    This shawl is knit in "The Hills" yarn, a 100% Lamb Rambouillet⁣, in a natural chocolate color. This yarn is very special because it's the first sheer, and that makes this yarn one-of-a-kind and the softness is amazing.
    This is a small batch of yarn and once it's gone it's gone. 
    Thank you for your support and happy knitting!
    C R E D I T S

    M A K I N G  C O M F O R T  &  J O Y  S E R I E S

    Making Comfort & Joy is a series created by Melissa and Liz of Wool And Honey. This is a weekly spotlighting on Makers, Designers, Dyers, and yarn companies who they deeply respect and gain inspiration from. They are hosting a FREE virtual space for gathering, for learning, for organic conversation, a way to have casual conversations with these Makers.
    All conversations happen on Instagram LIVE, via their Wool And Honey account. Please follow Wool And Honey on Instagramto stay up to date on this series. You can also visit the Wool And Honey YouTube channel to catch up on past episodes.
    Want to catch mine?!
    I was honored to be a featured guest on this fantastic series. You can find my conversation with the girls HERE.
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