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  • BOOK REVIEW: Henry's Hat

    My little guy has a new favorite book (and so do I)… it's Henry's Hat! And it's not just my youngest (2) that loves this book, my older two boys (4 & 6) do as well. This is the 4th storybook book release from the dynamic husband and wife duo, Joanna (writer and knitwear designer) and Eric (illustrator and graphic designer) Johnson of Slate Falls Press. Henry's Hat is a charming story about a chipmunk that has lost his favorite hand-knit hat. Through the book, you'll follow Henry on a journey through his woodland neighborhood meeting the most unique characters along the way. Just like...

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  • NNK Review & Giveaway

    Oh my gosh, what a week last week was. The flu hit our house bad and the week was spent nursing sick babies. Knock-on-wood we our all clear and healthy and that it doesn't hit DH and I next!  Being out of the office all last week has put me really behind and I wanted to start this week back on a positive note by doing a blog post about a great book and a giveaway. Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf is a new children's story about learning to knit. It is also the very first children's book published...

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