• Knitterella Rewind Series


    I mentioned back in June (via my Instagram feed) that I was revising and refreshing some of my previously published patterns as part of a "Knitterella Rewind."⁣

    What is this and why am I doing this? ⁣

    Over the years, several patterns stood the test of time. These are patterns that I love so I decided to bring a new light to them. I will be giving these patterns a “facelift” with new samples/yarn and photos.  I will also update them to my current pattern layout. ⁣

    The Summer Moon Shawl is my first “re-wound” pattern. This shawl was my debut shawl design in 2015.  Given that, it's always been near and dear to my heart and is the perfect inaugural piece for my Rewind Collection!  


    Watch my last IG LIVE to find out more...CLICK HERE

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