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    My latest pattern, Ripple Effect Fingerless Gloves has been out for nearly a week now and do you know what I've be doing to reward myself for releasing a pattern? Well I've been knitting of course! But the catch is, I've been knitting someone else's pattern. It's a true way to relax with my knitting. There is no designing involved, no note taking, no ripping out, no nothing but just plain knitting and it's been great!

    I've made a lot of progress on this sweet lil' knit. Hopefully, I'll have my Gramps Cardigan done within the week — it will be baby Z's first sweater and it's going to be precious!

    I also wanted to share with you a sample knit of my Ripple Effect Fingerless Gloves. This was knit by my friend kittyli and the gloves look great in The Plucky Knitter's, Traveler Aran, colorway Contessa. Speaking of The Plucky Knitter, voting is open for KALs for Plucktember. I designed my Ripple Effects Fingerless Gloves pattern specifically for Plucktember and if you'd like to see this pattern as a part of the Plucktember KALs please follow THIS LINK and (agree)/(love) comment #36 

    So, what do you do to reward yourself after you finishing a knitting project? 


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    • Jill says...

      Thanks Maryse!

      The yarn is The Plucky Knitter MCN Lite. From my stash and it looks great. I think I’ll make a matching hat for me and baby. I have enough left over so I should be good!

      I’m casting on for a baby blanket next. Yay!

      On July 30, 2013

    • Maryse says...

      The yarn of your Gramps Cardigan is lovely! What is it? Congratulations on this new pattern! To reward myself, I would CO a new project. CO is so much better than finishing steps ;-)

      On July 28, 2013

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