• Happy New Knitting!

    Happy New Year!!!

    The start of a new year is always exciting. New goals, new outlooks and of course new knitting! I always like to start my year off with a knit just for me. This time I'm going to cast on for a SWEATER! Freshly wound and ready for my needles is my favorite Plucky Knitter Scholar and in my favorite colorway Sticky Toffee. So excited! Seriously, I don't remember the last time in knit MYSELF a sweater. Hopefully there is more of that this year ;) 

    So what is your first project for 2015?


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    • Jessica Cornman says...

      I’m making a sweater too! For a new baby, though, not for me!

      On January 07, 2015

    • Sarah V. (Barf Green Is Best) says...

      It sounds pathetic, but my first project is abstaining from knitting for a while. (I’ve got myself a raging case of chronic tendonitis/repetitive strain… sigh). So, no knitting for a while; I’m trying to think of “getting better without reinjuring” as a project itself.

      Looking forward to seeing your sweater!! Great colour :)

      On January 02, 2015

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