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    Do you have the app? is a social based shopping service that allows users to instantly access and purchase whatever their favorite influencers are wearing. 


    Because I often get asked about what I'm wearing in my photos (for example, the boots in this photo above were a hot topic!), I decided to apply for an "influencer" account and I was accepted! 


    So now, the makes it really easy for me to share direct links of my favorite products with you.


    For example if you click on the photo above, it will open my page, and from there you will see a direct link to my boots. If someone purchases the boots from the link, then I will get a small percentage of the sale. Pretty cool.


    Anyway, since I already love sharing my favorite products with you and this app makes it easy to share a shopping link too. If you want to, or already use the app, please look me up and give me a follow.

    I'd greatly appreciate it!



    * * *

    I also have affiliate links to a couple of my favorite brands…





    These affiliate links were along the same lines. If you shop Madewell or Frye via my link, I will get a small percentage of the sale. 


    If you are interested in getting affiliate links or being an influencer on be sure to check it out and apply!  



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