• Me Made May - Pattern Sale!

    Hey! It's #MeMadeMay2021 and YOU get 30% OFF!
    What is "Me Made May"?

    Me Made May is an entire month devoted to showing off what you’ve made. You can sew, crochet, knit, bead whatever the medium, all you need to do is MAKE! People make stuff and wear it through out the month of May. The challenge is to wear something every day of May that you have made.  

    (definition sourced from

    I've seen the #memademay hashtag but have never participated. Since I don't have any new designs coming out this month, (but definitely have a LOT in my "me-made wardrobe!), I thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorites. Even more fun, offer these favorites at a discount to you!⁣
    Each Friday of May I will feature favorite patterns and they will be discounted 30% off for the week.⁣
    Today through 05.13.21, get 30% OFF with code MEMADEMAY on the following patterns:⁣
    ⁣Shown from top to bottom, left to right: Winter Trellis, Sugarplum Sweater, Wixom Sweater, and The Owen Sweater.
    Patterns can be purchased through or⁣
    Happy MeMadeMay!⁣
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