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    Thank you for much for the NEW STATIONERY LOVE! I have lots of order to fill! So glad you like them. FYI - the 20% off sale is still on. Just enter promo code NEWSTATIONERY and you'll receive 20% off all orders made through my SHOP  now through Sunday, July 7th. 

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    So, guess what… I'm into my 3rd trimester already. Wow! That came really fast and you know what it made me realize? I made me realize that, holy crap I'm having a baby! I mean that partly as a joke but seriously, I've been so busy with my boys, work and Knitterella that I haven't had much time to think/plan for baby number 3. I'm so thankful that the pregnancy is going so well that it hasn't really slowed me down (well, not much anyway).

    Another thing the start of the 3rd trimester did make me realize is, holy crap I need to start some baby knits!!!

    Since I've always loved the cute Gramps Cardigan by fellow designer and friend Kate Oates of Tot Toppers I thought this would be a great place to start. I found the perfect shade of Plucky in my stash and I'm going to cast on for the sweater for baby and the hat for me. This will be a fun and special knit!

    So what's on your needles? Anyone out there knitting a great baby design? Would love to hear any buzz on baby knits.


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    • Hilary says...

      P.S. I also LOVE your new stationary!!

      On July 03, 2013

    • Hilary says...

      Aaaaahhh, that is going to be so cute! Anything old man/grandpa-related on a baby just kills me. Oh, and I would definitely recommend Wee Woolly Toppers by (the awesome, as you know :) ) Woolly Wormhead. I’ve made several of the hats for Daniel and friends and I am in love with them all.

      On July 03, 2013

    • Nicki says...

      That is so adorable!

      On July 03, 2013

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