• A Plucky Celebration - Day 1

    I think you all know about my love for Plucky, right? Not only do I love Plucky's beautiful and inspiring yarns but I also love Sarah and the Plucky Team. 

    This June is a very exciting month because it will be the 6th Anniversary since Plucky sold her first skein of yarn. A hobby that went from dyeing yarn in her kitchen sink to now a passionate, thriving business that has WAY out grown her kitchen, out grown her first studio and is now looking to fill an even larger studio space where she and her team can create beautiful yarns for us to love and enjoy. What an exciting celebration and what an honor it is for me to work with Sarah and knit with her beautiful yarns. 

    Boy, I sure am thankful for that very first skein dyed back in 2007, aren't you?

    Because Sarah loves anniversarys (and rightfully so!) she is filling the week with celebratory surprises for all of us. Stay tuned to her blog, twitter and facebook page to keep on top of the specials that will be gone on. 

    To show thanks and appreciation for Plucky I too am joining in the celebration in a special way. This week I will be offering 50% a selection of my Plucky inspired patterns.

    Today I'm celebrating my Sonoran Cowl! Use coupon code "PLUCKYS6" to receive 50% this pattern. Sales ends at midnight tonight (eastern time zone).

    Check back daily for sales and be sure to wish Sarah and her team a "Happy, Happy Anniversary!"

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