• Color Swatch Cowl LOVE

    Hello! Gosh, I just can't find the time to blog as much as I would want to. I do post to my Knitterella Facebook and Instagram often, so please be sure to follow me there too.

    but i digress…

    Even though the Plucktember, Color Swatch Cowl SAL is nearly a month gone already and I've been meaning to post some of the great completed projects - and today I am!

    The SAL was a lot of fun. Seeing each, unique color combo was inspiring and no two cowls were alike! Everyone did a great job. Below is a collage of just some of my favs. Thanks girls for joining in on the fun and knitting a Color Swatch Cowl

    Project photos are from Ravelry members, EllenSellsNJ (1), zoepanda (2), RuthAnne21 (3), hyperred (4), twosams (5), melissah3 (6). Thanks girls!


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