• Book Winner!

    Thank you all that commented to be entered into the Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf delux gift set giveaway. I'm happy to announce that the winner is… Jill, that said,  "I’m following you both on twitter! This book would be just perfect for my 6 year old niece. She really wants to knit like her mum, aunt, and grandmothers but keeps getting in a sulk because she can’t quite get it." I love hearing that this beautiful book will go to a 6 year old girl that really wants to learn how to knit. Actually, she sounds like a...

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  • Customer Showcase: Smocked Slouch

    Oh my gosh! My Smocked Slouch pattern hit 100+ projects on Ravelry! I know it might not seem like a big deal, I mean, it's no French Press Slippers or anything, but I'm totally thrilled! One of the main reasons I'm thrilled about this is because my Smocked Slouch was the first pattern I ever designed and published. It was a big deal for me to jump into the knitwear design world and when I finally got the courage this is the pattern started it all for me. As I continue to design new patterns, my Smocked Slouch will always hold...

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  • NNK Review & Giveaway

    Oh my gosh, what a week last week was. The flu hit our house bad and the week was spent nursing sick babies. Knock-on-wood we our all clear and healthy and that it doesn't hit DH and I next!  Being out of the office all last week has put me really behind and I wanted to start this week back on a positive note by doing a blog post about a great book and a giveaway. Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf is a new children's story about learning to knit. It is also the very first children's book published...

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